Students warned of slashed tires

A student was surprised by a flat tire on her way to observe an elementary school class. She was more surprised when she was told someone had slashed her tire. “I’m not mad at what happened,” said Kara Klamm, education senior. “I’m just frustrated that someone would think that it’s okay to vandalize someone else’s […]

Campus crime report released

Burglary is still the most highly reported crime on campus, according to the annual security and fire report.  The report, released Sept. 30, is required by The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The act, a consumer protection law passed in 1990, requires all universities that receive federal funding […]

Police ask students for help reporting suspicious people

Campus police are asking for students’ help. OCU Police encourage students to be wary and report any suspicious or unknown people seen on campus, Chief Bradd Brown said Monday. “It’s a small community and it is usually pretty easy to tell who doesn’t belong,” Brown said. “We rely on people’s eyes and ears to be […]

BREAKING: Officials ask for help locating missing student

Officials are asking for the public’s help locating a 21-year-old OCU student. Dalton Viner was reported missing Sept. 14, according to reports. Viner’s family reported his disappearance to the Midwest City Police Department, according to a Sept. 17 email from university officials. Viner was traveling between his house near campus and his family’s home in Choctaw for […]

Student reported missing

(photo courtesy of OCU student Dalton Viner was reported missing Monday according to a Sept. 17 email sent out by university officials. Viner’s disappearance was reported by his family to the Midwest City Police Department, according to the email. “Midwest City is handling the entire investigation, so we’re just cooperating with them,” said Leslie Berger, […]

University police department moves to different location

The police department has a new location on campus. OCUPD moved into their new location at 1635 N.W. 23rd St. Aug. 17. The building has a bulletproof wall in the entryway that was created out of recycled bulletproof vests and a control room with cameras watching over the main campus and the law school. There […]

Oklahoma lawmakers consider texting and driving ban

Oklahoma lawmakers are seeking legislation to ban texting and driving. The case to ban the use of mobile phones while operating vehicles has been long debated, but came to a head last month after a phone-related incident cost two highway patrol officers their lives. On Jan. 1, 2015, Steven Clark was driving down I-40 and […]

Campus police acquire new vehicles

By Kyle Wallace, staff writer The university police department upgraded its vehicle fleet to improve patrol efforts around campus. The upgrades include two new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoes and a refurbished utility task vehicle. New vehicles were purchased due to rising maintenance costs associated with the older cars and to increase the visibility of the police […]

School of Law hosts “Know Your Rights” forum

The OCU School of Law will host an interactive forum discussing citizen’s rights while interacting with police officers, titled “Know Your Rights 101.”

OCU named Certified Healthy Campus

OCU has been named a Certified Healthy Campus by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The program recognizes public and private colleges, universities, and career technology centers that “make a positive impact on the health of their students, employees and visitors.

Students receive, appeal tickets for incorrect parking

Students are having to appeal tickets for parking in the wrong spots in on-campus parking lots.Across the campus, there are four small areas reserved solely for visitors to park, as well as a few single spots scattered throughout the area.

Campus police report for 2013 now available

  The OCU Campus Police Department has released its annual security report. The report includes data of on-campus crime. It states date from 2011 and 2012 for comparison purposes. The report also contains campus policy about sexual harassment, drug and alcohol use, and safety and security procedure. These reports are required to be released annually […]

Officials lock dorm doors on campus, encourage vigilance

Methodist Hall’s back doors have been locked for extra security on campus.The doors were locked and the handles removed due to security concerns with people going in through the back doors this summer, said Bradd Brown, chief of university police.

Tricks and treats: how to stay safe over Halloweekend

Though Halloween may be a prime time for children, college-age kids at heart still celebrate the ghosts and ghoulies on Oct. 31. Here are some tips for staying safe this weekend.

Police searching for assault suspect

Police are searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting a female student on campus.

Few Details Released about Sexual Assault Reported on Campus

University officials are releasing few details about a sexual assault reported on campus this weekend.

Police conduct active shooter drill

An active shooter drill happened at 10 a.m. Sept. 18. The drill lasted about 10 minut

Police investigate car break-ins

Two cars were burglarized Tuesday night in the Cokesbury Clubhouse apartment parking lot.

Police close street parking due to move-in

The OCU police department will be closing Noble Drive and the Draper Drive parking lot from the night of August 17 to the afternoon of August 19. The police department has distributed fliers and sent out emails reminding students, parents, and staff of the closures. Any cars found in the listed areas may be towed […]

University police go beyond law enforcement duties

The Oklahoma City University police department provides services beyond their duties as law enforcement officers. OCUPD provides safety escorts, vehicular assists and an identification number engraving services for valuable items. To contact the police department for a safety escort or motor assist, call 405.208.5001. If there is an emergency, dial 405.208.5911.

Lost lives seen as worst tragedy of Sept. 11

By Matt Patrick, Columnist Students my age may barely remember the events of 12 years ago. Most of us were elementary school students who grew up in one of the most prosperous and peaceful times in American history. The technology boom was creating thousands, if not millions of jobs. The federal budget was balanced. As […]

Street closed due to baseball risk

By Amy Fuhrman, Web Editor   NW 27th St. between Indiana Ave. and Kentucky Ave. is closed to both sides of traffic. A block of the street, located behind Jim Wade Stadium, is blocked off by traffic cones. The cones were placed by OCUPD around 2 p.m on Tuesday afternoon. The police force placed the […]

Police report Aug. 23

Petit Larceny– Thursday, August 22, 2013, 4:00am; Draper Hall; 13-08-020; Victim: OCU student; Suspect: unknown; Officer Pepper took a report from the victim at the station. The victim locked his bicycle up on the west side of Draper Hall on 8/19/13, and when he returned on 8/21/13 it was gone. His cable lock had been […]

University police violate federal campus safety law

The university’s police department is attempting to become compliant with federal campus safety laws, but their efforts may be too little, too late.

University officials refuse prompt release of crime logs

University officials refuse to comply with federal campus safety laws regarding the prompt release of archived crime logs.

University officials fail to release annual crime statistics

University police failed to publish up-to-date crime statistics in the 2012 annual security report by the federally-established deadline.

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