Police reports released April 8

Alcohol Contact Thursday, 4-4-13 2:20pm; Cokesbury Court Apartments; Incident # 13-04-005

Police reports released March 20

Public Intoxication– Saturday, 3-16-13 8:44pm; NW 23rd & Gatewood; Incident # 13-03-022; Arrested (AR): Barry, Robert (no OCU affiliation); Reporting party (RP): student; Officer Haynes received a call from RP stating there was a man passed out on the bus stop bench. Upon arrival, Officer Haynes found AR on the bench. He woke up AR […]

Police reports released March 13

Fugitive from Justice Saturday, 3-9-13 5:09pm; EZ Pawn 2027 NW 23rd; Incident # 13-02-028 (supplemental); arrested: Michael C. Goudeau (no OCU affiliation); Officer Roland Garrett was dispatched to EZ Pawn regarding a suspect who had stolen two X Box controls and three games from the Smith Hall lobby Tuesday, 2-19-13. Upon arrival he met with the employees who […]

Police reports released March 4

Leaving the Scene of a Non-Injury Collision Saturday, 2-23-13 8:30am; West Fine Art parking lot; Incident # 13-02-032; driver # 1: student, vehicle: white 2012 Chevrolet van; owner of vehicle # 2: Meshal Munawir Almutari (ex-OCU student), vehicle: tan 1997 Toyota Camry; Officer Roland Garrett was dispatched to a non-injury vehicle collision at the West Fine Arts parking […]

Police reports released March 6

DUI (.08 % or Greater) 3-6-13 2:15am; Draper Drive and N. Kentucky Avenue; Incident # 13-03-005; arrested: OCU student; vehicle: black 2000 Dodge pickup (not impounded); Sergeant Michael Kavenius set up surveillance on a black Dodge pickup that was slowly driving by parked vehicles and intermittently stopping while on Draper Drive. He thought the suspect was […]

Police reports released March 7

Public Intoxication x2 Thursday, 3-7-13 1:40am; Kamp’s Lounge, NW 25th and Classen Boulevard; Incident # 13-03-006; arrested: 2 OCU students; reporting person: Security Officer Wendell Darnell Viney (no OCU affiliation); Officer Kiel Pepper was dispatched to Kamp’s Lounge in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival he met with Security Officer Wendell Viney who said that […]

Police reports released Feb. 15

DUI and Fail to Stop at a Stop Sign Sunday, 2-10-13 2:55am; NW 23rd and N. Indiana Avenue; Incident # 13-02-012; arrested: Ravi Udai Sharma (no OCU affiliation) passenger: OCU student (not arrested)

Police reports released Jan. 24

Petit Larceny, DUS and 3 OKC Arrest Warrants Tuesday, 1-22-13 9:45am; Cokesbury Court Apartments; Incident # 13-01-022; arrested: Cameron Shane Conyer (boyfriend of OCU student); involved vehicle: red 2008 Ford Ranger pickup; item stolen: one “boot” vehicle immobilizer (OCUPD owned); OCUPD officers have been placing tickets on a red Ford Ranger pickup in the past several […]

Police reports released Jan. 22

Fugitive From Justice and OCU Notice to Vacate Thursday, 1-17-13 10:25pm; University Manor Apartments; Incident # 13-01-018; arrested: Allen Alexander Parks (no OCU affiliation); reporting person: student; assisting officer: Officer Michael Haynes; evidence: one package of Feel Good potpourri (unopened) and one empty Zig Zag cigarette paper package; A student called OCUPD stating that an […]

Police reports released Jan. 7

Breaking and Entering Tuesday, 1-2-13 8:54am; Harris Hall ELS (office closet and safe); Incident # 13-01-002; victim: ELS; reporting person: Manager Chandrakant Rakesh Shah; items stolen: none; Officer Roland Garrett was dispatched to the ELS manager’s office in reference to a Breaking and Entering. Upon arrival he met with Mr. Shah who said between Monday, […]

Police reports released Dec. 20

Alcohol Contact Friday, 12-14-12 9:02pm; Smith Hall; Incident # 12-12-024; suspect: student; reporting person: RA; evidence: 2 empty bottles of liquor and 1 burnt candle; Officer Michael Haynes was dispatched to Smith Hall regarding a dorm containing the above evidence. Upon arrival he met with an RA who said he was performing routine room checks […]

Police reports released Dec. 19

Grand Larceny Monday, 12-17-12 3:45pom; Henry J. Freede Wellness Center (Jim Wade Athletic Center); Incident # 12-12-026; suspect(s): none; item stolen: $600.00 cash; reporting person: Director of Athletics Jim Abbott; Officer Roland Garrett was dispatched to the Freede Wellness Center regarding the theft of cash money. Upon arrival he met with Director of Athletics Mr. […]

Police reports released Dec. 18

Public Intoxication Monday, 12-17-12 7:25pm; Rococo’s Restaurant 2824 N. Pennsylvania Avenue (back parking lot); Incident # 12-12-027; arrested: Cleveland S. Bristow (no OCU affiliation) and Gary Allen Ingram (no OCU affiliation); The owner of the business notified OCUPD that two adult males were intoxicated and fighting next to the trash dumpster on his property. Sergeant […]

Police reports released Dec. 13

Petit Larceny Wednesday, 12-12-12 10:58am; Walker Hall (1st floor lobby); Incident # 12-12-019; victim: OCU; reporting person: RA; items stolen: one Microsoft 360 Ibox, 2 games and one controller; Officer Roland Garrett was dispatched to Walker Hall regarding the theft of an OCU owned Ibox. Upon arrival he met with the RA who said she […]

Police reports released Dec. 11

Non-Injury Vehicle Collision Monday, 12-12-11 exact time unknown; Cokesbury Court Apartments (in front of building # 7); Incident # 12-12-018; victim: student; damaged vehicle: green 2010 Toyota CBA; Officer Kiel Pepper was dispatched to a non-injury vehicle collision. Upon arrival he met with the student/victim who said her parked vehicle was damaged by an unknown […]

Police reports released Dec. 7

Alcohol Contact/Loud Party Complaint Thursday, 12-6-12 11:58pm; Cokesbury Court Apartments (Club House and one apartment); Incident # 12-12-013; involved persons: 11 students and 1 visitor; reporting person: RA; evidence: 8 partially consumed cans of beer and 16 unopened cans of beer; An RA notified OCUPD of a party involving beer was located at the Cokesbury […]

Police reports released Dec. 6

Non-Injury Vehicle Collision Monday, 12-3-12 4:46pm; Cokesbury Court Apartments (parking lot west side of building # 10); Incident # 12-12-006; owner: student, vehicle: red 1998 Chevrolet Camaro; driver # 2: unknown driver and vehicle; Officer Roland Garrett was dispatched to Cokesbury Apartments in reference to a parked vehicle that was damaged by an unknown vehicle. […]

Police reports released Nov. 29

DUI and Speeding 40/30 Wednesday, 11-28-12 2:00am; NW 23rd and Kentucky Avenue; Incident # 12-11-033; arrested: Dustin Eugene Jackson (no OCU affiliation); impounded vehicle: white VW Golf 4dr; Officer Mark Chenoweth was working radar at NW 23rd on Kentucky Avenue and documented a white VW travelling 40/30 mph. He was able to stop the vehicle […]

Police reports released Nov. 26

Driving Under the Influence and Fail to Maintain Lane Saturday, 11-17-12 11:46pm; 1500 Block NW 23rd; Incident # 12-11-024; arrested: Misty Dawn Nicholson (no OCU affiliation); impounded vehicle: silver 2008 BMW SUV; Sergeant John Jackson was working radar in the 1500 block of NW 23rd and observed a silver BMW SUV travelling east. The vehicle […]

Police reports released Nov. 21

Agency Assist– Wednesday, 11-21-12 4:13am; Incident #12-11-026; NW 23rd and Penn Ave; Involved Person (IP1): Student; Involved Person (IP2): Oklahoma City Police Officer; Officer Chenoweth was patrolling down NW 23rd ST, when he observed an OCPD vehicle running down NW 23rd St with its lights and sirens on approaching the intersection. He then noticed the […]

Police reports released Oct. 29

Driving Under the Influence and Improper Lane Change Sunday, 10-18-12 12:27am; NW 28th and Pennsylvania Avenue; Incident # 12-10-042; arrested: Arthur Otis Ealy (no OCU affiliation); passenger: Thomas Wright (no OCU affiliation); impounded vehicle: brown 1985 Ford Crown Victoria; FTO Sergeant John Jackson and Officer Roland Garrett observed a brown Ford weaving between lanes. They stopped the […]

Police reports released Oct. 24

Fugitive From Justice (x4) Violation of Suspended Sentence, Driving Under Suspension (2ndOffense), Fail to Comply w/compulsory Ins. Law and Operate M/V on Which Taxes & Fees are Due Monday, 10-22-12 1:30am; NW 23rd and Pennsylvania Avenue; Incident # 12-10-033; arrested: Freddie Earl Moss (no OCU affiliation); passenger: Tammy Sue Stewart (no OCU affiliation); impounded vehicle: gold 2002 […]

Police reports released Oct. 23

Traffic Collision Thursday, 10-18-12 5:20pm; NW 23rd and McKinley Avenue; Incident # 12-10-029; driver # 1: Jennifer Anne Casteel (no OCU affiliation), vehicle: silver 2004 Honda UAX; driver # 2: Quan Yen Dong-Ngoc (no OCU affiliation), vehicle: blue 2007 Toyota CEE; Officer Josh Pankowsky observed a traffic collision at NW 23rd and McKinley Avenue. He was immediately informed […]

Police reports released Oct. 12

Petit Larceny Thursday, 10-11-12 6:50pm; Draper Hall (bicycle rack); Incident # 12-12-016; victim: student; item stolen: one bicycle name brand Peagot model: Lion, orange; A student/victim met with Sergeant Michael Kavenius at OCUPD regarding the theft of his bicycle. He said the last time he observed the bicycle was on Wednesday, 10-1012 at approximately 4:45pm. He […]

Police reports released Oct. 11

Injure/Destroy Property Less Than $2500.00 Tuesday, 10-9-12 5:10pm; N. Loeffler parking lot (West of Freede Wellness Center); Incident # 12-10-012; victim: student; damaged vehicle: black 2007 Lexus E35 4dr; Officer Josh Pankowsky was dispatched to the West side of the Freede Wellness Center regarding a vehicle damaged by a baseball. Upon arrival he met with […]

Police reports released Oct. 5

Injure/Destroy Property Less Than $2500 Wednesday, 10-3-12 5:45pm; North Loeffler parking lot; Incident # 12-10-005; victim: student; damaged vehicle: white 2001 Volvo S60 4dr; Officer Kiel Pepper was dispatched to the North Loeffler parking lot regarding a parked vehicle being damaged by a baseball. Upon arrival he met with the student/victim who said he parked his […]

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