OCU launches screenwriting MFA program

Oklahoma City University has added a new Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting program that is one of just a handful of its kind in the country. Classes are set to begin in January for the spring 2015 semester. The low-residency program will focus on theory and application of the screen narrative. It will include […]

What your coffee choice says about you

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor What coffee you choose each morning could say something about your personality, a new study finds. Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist, recently conducted a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers. The study took into account common personality traits from several methods of psychological schools of thought in order to come […]

Summer in session: ways to stay on track for next fall

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor For students, summer is a time to relax, take a deep breath, and look back on the year of hard work with pride. It’s a time for summer jobs, for exciting internships, for horizon-broadening trips abroad. But despite the temptation to completely check out, summer should also be a time […]

Resisting the urge: healthy snack habits for hard-core studying

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor What you eat while studying can affect your memory, mood, and general well-being. Though it might seem easier to rip open a bag of chips or scarf down a candy bar, making healthful and easy choices can go a long way to energizing students for studying marathons or long days […]

Sleep no more: students struggle to find time to rest

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor The late spring serves as crunch time for many OCU students. With final exams looming, final performances drawing near, and a lagging sense of focus, sleep is often the last thing students think about during this busy period. However, a restful sleep schedule can build a solid basis for a […]

Finishing the school year strong: tips and hints

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor While spring semester is drawing to a close, students often feel the need for a productivity boost as focus lags. The end of the school year can bring on bouts of anxiety, fatigue, and procrastination just when students need focus and energy.  For seniors, this lack of drive can be […]

Let’s Talk About It book series returns


The book discussion series Let’s Talk About It returned Tuesday with a discussions focusing on Muslim stories in America.

Gobbling It Up: Culinary Websites and OCU Students Embrace New Thanksgiving Meal Traditions

  Though turkey and stuffing might remain standard fair for millions of Americans on Thanksgiving Day, a growing number of families are beginning new holiday food traditions. The number of families not indulging in turkey dinners has risen in recent years: last year, 12% of families chose alternative routes for their feasts. This shift can […]

Cross country team takes national title

The men’s cross country team has claimed their first NAIA title.

Freshman returns to basketball after military service


Terence Bonhomme, 23, may be the oldest freshman on the men’s basketball team, but his court experience matches his age.

Men’s wrestler expresses passion, respect for the sport

Not every sport gives an athlete the opportunity to express himself and come into his own at a young age. But for OCU’s Teagan Franco, wrestling did just that.

Columnist proposes undergound Oreo empire

America’s favorite cookie is just as addictive as the hard narcotic cocaine, according to a recent study.

Cocaine is considered one of the most harmful and addictive drugs on the market, according to the Controlled Substances Act of 1990.

Cuban salsa night provides free lessons, community


Cuban Salsa Night has returned this semester, offering students free Latin dance lessons.

The club meets at 8 p.m. Wednesdays in Watson Lounge in Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel.

Faculty, staff, students support United Way

A committee of OCU faculty and staff members organized a number of fundraising efforts to benefit United Way of Central Oklahoma, all designed to get students involved.

The events will commence on Monday, October 21st, with bake sales outside of the cafeteria, and will continue throughout homecoming week.

OCU named a best Christian college


Oklahoma City University was recently named on of the best Christian Colleges.

Institutional Research and Evaluation, a research and consulting organization specializing in college student recruiting and retention, gives the honor to colleges and universities that provide quality education in a Christian environment. Eligibility is determined from a nation-wide survey of more than 1,400 four year institutions.

OCU Student Reads on Campus


John Hiller, religion sophomore, relaxes Sept. 10 in a hammock that he hung from two trees on The Quad. Students will take their midterms during the week of Oct. 7. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU law student


Patricia Burke, third-year law, checks her phone Sept. 10 on The Quad during a study break. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU Law Student


Patricia Burke, third-year law, rests Sept. 10 on The Quad following a study session for classes. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU Student Hammock


John Hiller, religion sophomore, reads Sept. 10 in a hammock that he hung from two trees on The Quad. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU law student rests


Patricia Burke, third-year law, relaxes Sept. 10 on The Quad following a study session in The Gold Star Memorial Building, which serves as the university’s law library. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU student studies


Katey McMahan, dance management sophomore, scrolls through her laptop Sept. 10 on The Quad. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU student studying


Katey McMahan, dance management sophomore, studies Sept. 10 on The Quad. The Gold Star Memorial Building, shown in the background, is a 60-year-old landmark of the university. Photo: Farris Willingham

OCU student concentrates


Katey McMahan, dance management sophomore, concentrates on studying Sept. 10 on The Quad. The maximum temperature during the day for Oklahoma City was 92 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Photo: Farris Willingham

Computer lab relocates with fewer computers

By Ally Hansen, Staff Writer The 24 hour computer lab has relocated. With the expansion of the Student Life Office, the 24 hour computer lab has moved. The former lab was located behind Alvin’s across from the Student Government Office. The new office is located in a nook inside the Student Government Office. The new computer […]

Student government president discusses plans, goals for 2013-14 academic year


By Susannah Waite, Editor-in-Chief Student Government Association members are gearing up for another school year. SGA President Beatrize Martinez and other members of SGA spent the summer working on plans for the academic year. “The direction, looking forward, is definitely communication,” Martinez said. “This year we’re really making sure that we’re at events, and we […]

University officials refuse prompt release of crime logs

police light

University officials refuse to comply with federal campus safety laws regarding the prompt release of archived crime logs.

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