The best places to study in OKC

Finals season is upon us. Many students will lock themselves away in dorm rooms and library cubicles, on blankets on the quad or the back booths of Alvin’s. But sometimes, to really get the full benefit of studying, you need to leave the campus and find your own space. Here are some of the best spots to plug in, tune out, and settle down for a few hours of solid studying in Oklahoma City.

Wild at heart: animals on campuses

As OCU’s resident pair of geese have added two new members to the campus wildlife population, it’s compelling to wonder: what kind of animals are you likely to find on college campuses across the country? MediaOCU uncovers the similarities and differences of the animal residents on our campus, and those across the nation.

Add some hours to your day: tips for hectic schedules

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “If only there were more hours in the day!” Fortunately, there are ways to make the day easier, and use time wisely. Here are a few tips for making the most of each day’s time.

The science behind “a case of the Mondays”

Monday is dreaded across the world as the start of a new week of hard work and more stress. While I usually try to think particularly positively on Mondays, I began to wonder: is there some psychological preset that makes this the most dreaded day of the week for, well, nearly everyone?

A walk to remember: the history of Relay for Life

As OCU participates in Relay for Life, MediaOCU looks into the history and success of the world-wide event.

‘Comparison is the thief of joy:’ how to shield yourself from negativity

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” said that philosophical 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. But how do you resist the urge to feel inferior on a campus full of over-achievers? Here’s my take on the thorny question of comparison.

Spring cleaning, the college way

Ah, spring. A time of bunnies, allergies, and the inevitable realization that your room has gone from a winter wonderland to a disaster zone. Here are some tips to ease the spring cleaning blues.

Daily routines of geniuses…and how mine measures up

I realized that I have something in common with creative geniuses from around the world. No, it isn’t my unique talent for writing sonnets, painting portraits, or composing symphonies. It’s my inherent need to schedule out my day. So how does my schedule stack up?

‘Fat is not a feeling:’ Facebook changes controversial status option

In this tech-heavy area, many social media users post emoticons (those cute little smiley faces that can exhibit almost any expression on the spectrum) without a second thought.But some Facebook users insist that one particular emoticon, far from being harmless, poses an extreme risk to body image and confidence in users.

Give me five: five ways to fill up short breaks in the day

So class is over, your next class hasn’t begun, and you’ve got twenty minutes to kill. What do you do first? Here are a few options for creating something productive out of a short break.

Weathering winter driving in OKC

Coming from the icy tundra of Wisconsin, I thought driving during the Oklahoma winter would be easy. But the recent stream of winter weather had me brushing up my skills. Here are some tips for driving in the ice and snow.

My budget changed my life: personal realization through organization

As a college student, saving money is often easier said than done. For the month of January, I tracked my spending. The results were more surprising than I could have imagined.

Health officials ask students to take care of themselves

By Sage Tokach, Staff Writer The campus health clinic is busy due to the large number of sick students. In terms of numbers, the sicknesses have not been worse than previous years, said Laura Reinhardt, director of campus health clinic. But the campus health center has been able to see and treat more patients than […]

What’s in a name? How descriptive words can help or hurt

If you could determine how people saw you, what would you hope they saw? I investigated the power behind labels and descriptive terms on self-perception.

OKC Zoo to host “wild” career fair

Have you ever dreamed of working at a zoo? If so, the OKC Zoo has a career fair on the wild side just for you.

Birth and death on Facebook: milestones in the Internet Age

A new generation of Facebook users will have a presence on the social media platform before they’re born, and after they die. Is this constant media coverage a sign of progress and self-expression, or just another way to compete online?

Spring sick days: what you need to know about staying healthy

Germs are hitting OCU hard, and students are feeling the pinch of sick days at the start of the semester.Currently, several strains of illness are criss-crossing the OCU campus, including influenza, strep, mono, the common cold, and stomach bugs. While the more mild forms of these diseases can be treated with rest, lots of fluids, and over-the-counter medicine to control symptoms, the other diseases are very serious and should be treated by a medical professional.

Try to remember: tips for avoiding brain blanks

Find your mind going blank? Here are a few tips to help improve your memory and avoid forgetfulness.

Student Affairs hosts Superbowl watch party for campus

Student Affairs will host a Superbowl watch party for the campus community.

Random Acts of Kindness: volunteerism for students on the go

With schedules filling up in the first weeks of the new semester, thinking about volunteering can be stressful. But random acts of kindness provide a quick and easy way to give back to the community.

Reevaluating resolutions: how to create new goals

Lauren Matheny, web editor, gives tips and tricks for making new year goals that last.

OCU named Certified Healthy Campus

OCU has been named a Certified Healthy Campus by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The program recognizes public and private colleges, universities, and career technology centers that “make a positive impact on the health of their students, employees and visitors.

Season’s givings: easy gifts for college students

The holidays are a time of joy, festivities, cheer, and presents. The first three don’t require much besides a cheerful disposition and a few Christmas carols, but the idea of gift giving can strike fear into the heart of broke college students everywhere.

OCU works with national bank on financial research

OCU partnered with Arvest Bank to conduct research surveys about financial security and its link with holiday spending.

Softball team hosts Anatomy Lab fundraiser

The softball team is hosting an event in order to raise money for OCU’s prospective anatomy lab.The team announced its “A Night Under the Lights” event, which will allow members of the OCU community to bat against the softball players. The event will begin at 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 5 at the Ann Lacy Stadium.

YWCA opens Santa Shop, donations for domestic violence victims

Christmas is a time of celebration and a time to be spent with loved ones. It is also a time to give back to your community and spread the love. The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Oklahoma City has provided a unique way for donators to give to their organization this season.

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