Entertainment news round-up for Jan. 22


Western star Roy Rogers is headed to Broadway, and Alan Menken is coming along for the ride. Menken, of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid fame, will pen some new tunes for Happy Trails, a new biographical musical about the King of the Cowboys. The show is slated for a 2016 premiere. For more on the musical, click here. Robert Redford kicked […]

2015 Academy Awards nominations causes controversy


This year’s Academy Award nominations came with a few surprises – and, perhaps more importantly, a few notable snubs.

Short film round-up: The Current short films, part 2


Over the next two weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the new short film series from The Current.  According to their website, “The Current is 10 attempts at alternative journalistic modes of communication, and 10 never before seen explorations of the news media. A creative supplement in the media landscape. It is entirely free […]

Entertainment news round-up for Jan. 15: Oscar Nominations

This year’s Oscar nominations brought a few surprises. Notable snubs include Selma, which was nominated only in the Best Picture category, and A Most Violent Year, which was heavily lauded by the National Board of Review but got no love from the Academy. Similarly ignored was The Lego Movie. As for pleasant surprises, the inclusion of Marion Cotillard (Two Days, […]

Entertainment news round-up for Dec. 12


Former Batman Michael Keaton isn’t feeling any jealousy about Ben Affleck’s upcoming turn as the Caped Crusader in Batman v. Superman. “No,” he said when asked if he felt envious. “Do you know why? Because I’m Batman. I’m very secure in that.” Keaton also had some kind words to say about Tim Burton, who directed 1989’s Batman, in which the […]

Entertainment news round-up for Dec. 14


The Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin has a few words for journalists publishing leaked Sony documents. “Wouldn’t it be a movie moment if the other studios invoked the NATO rule and denounced the attack on Sony as an attack on all of us, and our bedrock belief in free expression?” he said in an op-ed for the New York Times website. […]

Short film round-up


Seth Boyden’s one-minute B.O.T., created as part of CalArts’ 48 Hour Film Festival, has a cute gimmick but doesn’t quite hit its mark. The short follows the story of a robot and an astronaut looking for life on an unnamed planet. While the animation could have benefited from additional time, any roughness can be excused by the […]

Critic finds “Whiplash” underdeveloped


Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, Whiplash does a great job with its main storyline but fails to flesh its world out effectively. Though its two lead characters are full of life, the rest feel like afterthoughts.

Entertainment news round-up for Dec. 6


J.K. Rowling will release 12 Harry Potter stories coinciding with the 12 days of Christmas, according to an announcement made in a Pottermore newsletter. At least one of the stories will focus on Draco Malfoy. To read more on Rowling’s other Potter-related activity, click here. “Guardians of Peace,” the group responsible for the Nov. 24th […]

New faculty members join MFA Screenwriting program


Three new faculty members have joined the new MFA in Screenwriting program. Richard Wenk, David Simkins, and David Golden, writers and producers for television and film, will join the program when classes begin in January 2015.

Entertainment news round-up for Nov. 16


Daniel Bruhl will play the villain in Captain America: Civil War. Bruhl is known for his work in Rush and Inglourious Basterds, He joins Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chadwick Boseman in the cast. For more on the film, click here. SAG-AFTRA and the major TV networks have come to an agreement on a new Network Television Code regarding nonprimetime shows. […]

Critic disturbed and fascinated by “Mysterious Skin”


Watching Mysterious Skin is like waking up on a bright, sunny Saturday morning, making yourself a perfect cup of coffee, turning on your favorite cartoon, and finding spiders in your cereal. The nostalgic familiarity of the setting puts us at ease, but the subject matter rips us right out of our comfort zone. Written and […]

Entertainment news round-up for Oct. 25


Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to Will Eubank and Philip Gawthorne’s script World Breaker. The plot follows a Scottish warlord and his sons who must protect their castle from an invading army. Eubank recently directed and co-wrote sci-fi flick The Signal, which premiered at Sundance, and Gawthorne is a frequent writer for BBC series. To read more on World Breaker, click here. […]

Critic finds classic “American Psycho” disturbingly good


Almost 14 years after its release, American Psycho still holds up. While its heavy satirization of yuppie culture may not ring quite so many bells with audiences of today, the performances and artful treatment of disturbing subject matter still shocks, horrifies, and utterly captivates. Directed by Mary Harron based on Bret Easton Ellis’ novel of […]

Entertainment news round-up for Oct. 18


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator and actor Rob McElhenney will make his directorial and screenwriting debut with Figment. The film will be a action-adventure about a young boy and his family fighting their greatest fears. Legendary Pictures is set to exec produce the movie. For more information on the project, click here. Marvel’s executive vice president of […]

Critic disappointed by inconsistency of “Horns”


I used to think that there was nothing worse than a painfully bad movie, but I now know that there is a new circle of movie hell: a good movie that turns itself bad. Horns is one such film. Directed by Alexandre Aja based on Joe Hill’s novel of the same name, the movie follows […]

Critic finds cult classic “Dogma” a little dated


Kevin Smith’s 1999 film Dogma was probably groundbreakingly irreverent for audiences in its day. However, much like some of the tenets of organized religion that the movie pokes fun at, it doesn’t feel like it’s stood the test of time. Although the timing and structure of Smith’s writing still hits its mark, the actual content […]

Entertainment news round-up for Oct. 4


TNT’s Dallas will not be returning after its third season, the network announced Friday. The show’s ratings suffered following the death of the original Dallas star, Larry Hagman, during the second season. “TNT has decided not to renew ‘Dallas.’ We are extremely proud of the series, which defied expectations by standing as a worthy continuation of the Ewing saga. We want […]

Entertainment news round-up for Sept. 26


The Office vet Angela Kinsey is set for a recurring role on TBS’ new comedy series Your Family or Mine. Kinsey’s role was played by Elizabeth Ellis in the pilot. Other actors in the cast include Richard Dreyfuss and JoBeth Williams. For more on the show, click here. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has okayed the restricted use of […]

Critic finds “Guardians of the Galaxy” a pleasant counterpoint to heavier superhero fare


Guardians of the Galaxy is the perfect reminder of what a good summer blockbuster should be like: witty, charming, full of heart, and above all else, fun. What’s more, it manages to be all these things without pandering to the lowest common denominator, instead keeping the jokes smart and the pace lightning-fast. Directed by James […]

Entertainment news round-up for Sept. 24


MGM’s recent lawsuit against Universal regarding the latter’s upcoming project Section 6 will move forward, after a ruling from U.S. District Judge James Otero. The crux of the matter is that the script for the film is substantially similar to the James Bond property. Both deal with MI-6, although Section 6 is set around the formation of the organization. For […]

Short film round-up


Alan Rickman stars in Dust, a delightfully creepy seven-minute short about a man and his obsession. It’s difficult to say much without giving anything away, but suffice it to say that writer/directors Ben Ockrent & Jake Russell do a wonderful job showcasing both Rickman’s talent and their own skill at creating an atmosphere. To see the film, […]

Emmy-award winning filmmaker visits OCU


By Lauren Matheny, Web Editor Paul Saltzman, a documentary filmmaker and founder of Moving Beyond Prejudice, will lead a one-day workshop at OCU on Oct. 4. The even will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center. Registration is $25 and will include lunch. Students interested in […]

On the Town: What to do this weekend in OKC 10/31

Weekend Wrap Up

It’s officially time to celebrate autumn in OKC! Take advantage of the many events going on in the city this weekend.

Entertainment news round-up for Oct. 27


In a stunning change of course, Regal Cinemas has entertained the notion of going from being one of the biggest buyers in the movie theater acquisition market to potentially being sold. “We’re all excited about the years 2015, 2016 and I’m going to be aggressive and say even 2017,” said Regal CEO Amy Miles. “I think that (in the) […]

Entertainment news round-up for Oct. 23


Martin Scorsese will serve as executive producer on an upcoming authorized documentary on The Grateful Dead, directed by Amir Bar-Lev. “The Grateful Dead were more than just a band,” Scorsese said. “They were their own planet, populated by millions of devoted fans. I’m very happy that this picture is being made and proud to be […]

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