Editor introduces herself to campus community

The first week of the semester is all about meeting new people and making introductions. There are so many new professors, staffers and classmates to meet that it begins to seem like a blur of new faces and names you’ll never remember. Forgive me while I add my name and face to the mix. I […]

Officials urged to reevaluate food prices

By The Editors   Dining on campus is always a touchy subject with students across the nation. Food is one of the top complaints on college campuses, according to studentadvisor.com. Hundreds of students were surveyed to find out what their top complaints about college are. Lack of diversity and tuition also made the list. The […]

‘Comparison is the thief of joy:’ how to shield yourself from negativity

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” said that philosophical 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. But how do you resist the urge to feel inferior on a campus full of over-achievers? Here’s my take on the thorny question of comparison.

Greek life: A letter to the student body

Submitted by Justis Huddleston and Wolf Ozarow   To the OCU student body,   The OCU fraternal community is shocked by the behavior of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma. What’s most disturbing about the recent events concerning bigotry and racism at SAE is that this type of behavior is still alive in today’s modern […]

Oklahoma hoodie law changes

By the Editors In the campus, Feb. 4, we ran our editorial about our thoughts on the Oklahoma hoodie law and I guess someone was paying attention because the proposed amendment to the law no longer exists. Here’s our original opinion on the law, but to read more about why the proposal no longer exists […]

The editor’s top five ad picks of the Super Bowl 2015

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the first thing that comes to mind are the commercials. Some are sad, some are funny, and some probably shouldn’t have even been shown, but either way, they’re what most of America watches the Super Bowl for and what companies spend millions of dollars on. The editors of […]

Finishing strong: tips to make it through finals

Thanksgiving Break provides a tantalizing teaser to the joys of home: days full of family, naps, television, and home-cooked meals become the reality. But losing motivation during the final weeks of the semester can have a disastrous effect on grades and participation.

Students receive, appeal tickets for incorrect parking

Students are having to appeal tickets for parking in the wrong spots in on-campus parking lots.Across the campus, there are four small areas reserved solely for visitors to park, as well as a few single spots scattered throughout the area.

Columnist urges students to be safe

By Emily Laughridge, Columnist On Monday afternoon, October 27th, a young man was seen going door to door at Cokesbury Apartments. He was not a student. He claimed to be accepting donations of books and magazines for the needy. Adriana Napolitano, BA Music/BA Theatre Junior, was sitting in her apartment when he came knocking on […]

Student Senate chooses to avoid Yik Yak resolution

Student Senate decided not to write a resolution encouraging administrators to ban Yik Yak use on university Wi-Fi. The decision comes after schools in states including Iowa, Illinois, New Mexico, and Vermont banned the app, which allows users to post anonymously about people, places and things within a 10-mile radius.

On the Town: what to do this weekend in OKC

By Lauren Matheny, Web Editor Welcome to the first edition of “On the Town,” a place to let you know what’s going on off-campus this weekend. The Oklahoma City community is redolent with events, festivals, and cultural opportunities, and the Student Publications staff encourages students to get off campus and get out on the town. […]

Entertainment news round up for Sept. 18

Disney is building a Frozen attraction at Epcot, the Mouse House announced Friday. Based on the hit film, it will feature a pavilion where park visitors can meet Anna and Elsa.“We think these Frozen elements are great compliments to the Norway Pavilion, which showcases the country and region that inspired the film,” said Walt Disney Parks […]

Urban Outfitters controversy: what’s the line between topical and tasteful?

    By Lauren Matheny, Web Editor Photo From USA Today  Urban Outfitters has once again found itself in the center of a media firestorm, this time for the marketing of a shirt that is being branded “tasteless,” “lacking in judgement,” and “ultimately disrespectful.” The shirt is marketed on the Urban Outfitters website as a […]

What do you think? Justice Sotomayor raises important questions

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor visited OCU yesterday for an hour-long session with law students, law faculty, and other members of the OCU community. Law professors and President Robert Henry asked Sotomayor questions, which she elaborated on. Sotomayor began her presentation by discussing her Puerto Rican heritage, and the encouragement of her parents while she […]

What your coffee choice says about you

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor What coffee you choose each morning could say something about your personality, a new study finds. Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist, recently conducted a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers. The study took into account common personality traits from several methods of psychological schools of thought in order to come […]

Summer in session: ways to stay on track for next fall

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor For students, summer is a time to relax, take a deep breath, and look back on the year of hard work with pride. It’s a time for summer jobs, for exciting internships, for horizon-broadening trips abroad. But despite the temptation to completely check out, summer should also be a time […]

Finishing the school year strong: tips and hints

By Lauren Matheny, Lifestyles Editor While spring semester is drawing to a close, students often feel the need for a productivity boost as focus lags. The end of the school year can bring on bouts of anxiety, fatigue, and procrastination just when students need focus and energy.  For seniors, this lack of drive can be […]

Gobbling It Up: Culinary Websites and OCU Students Embrace New Thanksgiving Meal Traditions

  Though turkey and stuffing might remain standard fair for millions of Americans on Thanksgiving Day, a growing number of families are beginning new holiday food traditions. The number of families not indulging in turkey dinners has risen in recent years: last year, 12% of families chose alternative routes for their feasts. This shift can […]

Critic finds “Cold Turkey” less than appealing

It seems that there’s never any shortage of films about dysfunctional families at holiday gatherings.  Cold Turkey is the latest addition to the category, and it doesn’t bring much to the table.  An empty, frivolous film, it’s got little in the way of intelligence and nothing in the way of heart Written and directed by […]

Columnist enjoys Wilson Lecture series, other guest speakers

The Rev. Dr. Joerg Rieger of Southern Methodist University came to OCU as the speaker for the annual Wilson Lecture series last Thursday.

Students encouraged to give during holiday season

The holiday season provides many opportunities for students to give back to their community through service.

Critic finds ‘How I Live Now’ juvenile, angst-ridden

How I Live Now may be based on a young adult novel, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s incredibly juvenile.

Columnist expresses excitement about return of Thunder player Westbrook

The past week has been filled with the rumbling of earthquakes.

Many people are blaming the practice of fracking. But not me. I know the real reason.

The cause of all these earthquakes is none other than Russell Westbrook.

Awareness of campus security risks encouraged

There have been several dorm security issues during the last couple of weeks.

Campus community encouraged to try new dining option

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to give Rehearsals Grill a try in the coming weeks.

Columnist sees Google, not Apple, as the future of high tech

Apple products have become stale in their innovation. It seems as if they are just rehashing old ideas.

That kind of thinking will not last in the fast-paced world of technology.

Another tech company is poised to take Apple’s place.

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