Editor explains insignificance of red coffee cups

Some people believe Starbucks is using red coffee cups to declare war on Christianity and Christmas. In years past Starbucks celebrated the holiday season by using special red cups with wintery Christmas-themed designs. Snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, caroling snowmen, and reindeer adorned cups of Christmases past. But this year the coffee chain chose to celebrate the […]

Critic finds film ‘hard to predict’

During the past decade there has been an uptick in movies and television with anti-heroes in the lead role. A lead with questionable morals isn’t a new development. Watching characters struggle to live with their imperfections on screen helps us feel better about ourselves and our own problems. The question is, how far can a […]

Columnist suggests meditation to reduce stress

I recently experienced meditation for the first time on a visit to Buddha Mind Monastery, 5800 S. Anderson Road, as part of a service-learning requirement. I arrived at the monastery early in the morning, expecting to dislike it because Buddhism is different  from my own tradition. Although I expected the worst, I ended the day […]

Editors remind students to count blessings during the holidays

For college students, Thanksgiving represents a calm before the stress of finals season hits us. It is our chance to catch up on sleep and Netflix before studying for finals and spending long nights in Dulaney-Browne Library. It also is a time of year when we are reminded of the things we are thankful for. […]

Editor discusses professionalism in school, ‘real life’

As college students we find ourselves in a difficult position. We demand we be treated as adults in classes and in interactions with businesses, but we also try to put off “real life” as long as we can. While we are in college we should have a good time and enjoy life before we have […]

Columnist offers advice on avoiding year-end slump

Midterm grades are posted and it’s time to enroll for a new semester. The semester isn’t over yet, but we’re more than halfway there. It will be Winter Break before you know it. It’s a busy time of year. There are many moments where sadness, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion seem to consume our lives. We […]

Administrators urged to cooperate with SGA

Food service is a touchy subject on college campuses. Food is one of college students’ top complaints, according to studentadvisor.com. It is nice to know Student Government Association is seeking solutions to issues surrounding food on campus. But the real problem is university administrators not cooperating with SGA in these efforts. Sodexo, the university’s food […]

Columnist tells of wasp experience in dorm room

I was packing for Fall Break when I heard a buzzing sound coming from my balcony door. I looked over and saw a wasp chilling behind my blinds. So, like any rational person, I jumped up and started screaming like a maniac. My first reaction was to cry a little bit, but as soon as […]

Critic ‘highly recommends’ lost in space film

In this day and age, we all have seen our fair share of “stranded- in-space” movies. With the recent releases of Gravity (2013) and Interstellar (2014) still fresh in our minds, the movie The Martian had a lot to live up to. The movie fol- lows the typical formula. A man gets stranded in space, […]

Editors caution against stereotypical Halloween costumes

Halloween is meant to be fun and spooky. It is a time for friends, trick-or-treating, candy, jack-o’-lanterns, haunted houses, and dressing up as something you’re not. Dressing up in costumes and spending time getting ready with friends is the best part about Halloween, but remember to be considerate of others when choosing a costume. Some […]

Editor offers recommendations for Fall Break activities

Fall Break is right around the corner. A well deserved rest and a long weekend is a welcomed time to catch your breath and relax. But, if you don’t have anything to do, relaxing can turn to boredom in an instant. Here are some suggestions of things to do in and around Oklahoma City to […]

Critic finds film ‘mesmerizing, fascinating’

It’s no wonder we are seeing an abundance of movies about the dangers of machinery crossing the boundary between robot and human with the constant expansion of technology. Alex Garland, writer and director of Ex Machina, is no stranger to the creation of sci-fi films. Although this movie is his debut as director, he has […]

Columnist gives advice for midterm studying

October is the time for falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and midterms. If you are freaking out about all the exams you have, remember to keep calm and study on. I am a terrible test taker, but the following tips get me through many stress-induced freak-outs. Study early If you are a procrastinator like me, […]

Editors suggest compressing ‘midterm season’

It’s officially midterm week, but some students are finished with midterms while others are in the middle of a three-week midterm season. Whether your midterms are all in a single day or spread out during an entire month, you feel the stress of exams and projects. There are benefits to professors spreading exams out for […]

Oxford University term begins

Yesterday, I caught my first local bus into a smaller area of Oxford named Summertown to meet one of my tutors. When I arrived at his office, he shook my hand and invited me inside. Our meeting lasted less than twenty minutes, and within those twenty minutes, I fought the desires to burst out laughing, […]

Critic sees film ‘worth Red Box price to rent’

What Marvel Studios has done with its movies in the past couple of years is impressive. The first Avengers film served as a culmination of both Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon and was a commercially–and critically acclaimed–success. Expectations for the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, were a little on the high side and, in the […]

Student encourages others to use bikes as transportation

As the days get shorter and the temperatures cool off, students do what they can to soak up those last few rays of sun before the winter months. I decided to purchase a bike to take advantage of the mild fall weather. I grew up in the country outside a small town so I never […]

Columnist notes use of inclusive language in classrooms

Language shapes and forms our impressions of reality. Our use of male-dominated language forces personalities into culturally approved stereotypes, bringing out the feminist characteristics in certain people. Professors attempt to dissuade students from speaking in gender-limiting phrases, as it pushes personal opinions onto other students in the classroom. By doing this, professors are forcing their […]

Message from the President: Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

I have been informed of what appears to be a clearly offensive and unacceptable post on social media that may have been posted by an individual or group of individuals who are affiliated with Oklahoma City University. In response, I have initiated formal complaint procedures under our university policy concerning actions that constitute discrimination, harassment, […]

Editors recommend diligence during Homecoming Week

The Homecoming theme was announced and the festivities soon will commence. Students soon will spend days and nights perfecting Lip Sync dances, building giant spirit structures and wishing they had more sleep. Homecoming can either be the most exciting time of the academic year or the worst. Students will have to balance long days in […]

Editors commend officials for medical amnesty policy

Officials reviewed the university’s Student Code of Conduct this semester. Most of it was kept the same, but there were some changes. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the medical amnesty policy. The policy provides protection for students if they need to seek medical treatment during analcohol- or drug- related emergency. So […]

Critic finds Mad Max to be intense and exciting

Mad Max: Fury Road 10/10 There’s something to be said about a movie that is so intense it will cause you to jump up from your seat in the theater in excitement, spilling whatever candy you happened to have on your lap at the time and then not caring because what you just saw was […]

Columnist experiences cultural differences in hometown

In his 2005 hit song Bon Jovi asked, “who says you can’t go home?” My emphatic answer, I do! Even so I traveled with my sister and fiancé to my home town of Ringling, Oklahoma for Labor Day weekend. Ringling may be my hometown, but I did not feel like I was home. Perhaps it […]

Critic finds film entertaining despite series age

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, is the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible series starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. Much like its star, this series is aging well, as this latest film may also be its greatest. Hunt is joined this time around by returning members William Brandt played by  Jeremy Renner, Luther […]

Editor introduces herself to campus community

The first week of the semester is all about meeting new people and making introductions. There are so many new professors, staffers and classmates to meet that it begins to seem like a blur of new faces and names you’ll never remember. Forgive me while I add my name and face to the mix. I […]

Officials urged to reevaluate food prices

By The Editors   Dining on campus is always a touchy subject with students across the nation. Food is one of the top complaints on college campuses, according to studentadvisor.com. Hundreds of students were surveyed to find out what their top complaints about college are. Lack of diversity and tuition also made the list. The […]

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