7 Thanksgiving tunes we all have within us

Music plays a large part in the holiday season. In their enthusiasm for winter break, many people have already begun listening to Christmas songs and other holiday carols that completely skip over the closest upcoming holiday: Thanksgiving. Some people excuse this offense by pointing out the lack of Thanksgiving songs, so I have provided a […]

Check in with Kate

Kate Brennan, assistant voice professor and the newest addition to the school of theater faculty, studies several modern styles of voice, theater, and bodywork. She founded the education program at a non-profit theater company, where she serves as artistic director. She also has written two musicals and started her own voice and bodywork style called […]

Ten delicious caf combinations

Everyone gets sick of caf food after a while. Here are ten suggestions to spice up your meals without leaving the caf. 1. BLT brunch bagel Grab a bagel, lettuce, and tomato from the sandwich station. Then, add some bacon from the classics line. If it’s not brunch, you can use bacon bits, but you’ll […]

Get ready for Tomorrow

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, so Tomorrow Denton, cell and molecular biology sophomore, lives up to her name. This seemingly quiet student is full of surprises. Q: What is the best name joke you’ve ever gotten? A: There are so many. Probably “Do you have triplets, and are their names Yesterday and Today?” […]

Five underrated places to go in Oklahoma City

As college students, we often get caught in the endless routine of studying, eating and sleeping. Here are five suggestions to help keep your life fresh and spicy. 5. American Banjo Museum This little gem, located in Bricktown, houses the largest collection of banjos on public display anywhere. It features everything banjo, including miniature, gigantic, […]

Not your average Joe

Meet Joe Wathika, business sophomore, as he describes some of his life experiences since moving from Kenya. Though he has already run business organizations, followed his passion for DJing, and explored Taiwan, Joe says his life experiences have barely begun. Q: If you could describe your life thus far by naming one food, which food […]

Top ten pickup lines in Hamilton

Everyone recognizes the historical facts and mad rhymes that Lin-Manuel Miranda provides in the new Broadway hit Hamilton. However, audience members often overlook the most useful part: the pickup lines.   Here are the top ten pickup lines sure to get you into the room where it happens. They won’t know how to say no […]

Columnist tells of wasp experience in dorm room

I was packing for Fall Break when I heard a buzzing sound coming from my balcony door. I looked over and saw a wasp chilling behind my blinds. So, like any rational person, I jumped up and started screaming like a maniac. My first reaction was to cry a little bit, but as soon as […]

Critic ‘highly recommends’ lost in space film

In this day and age, we all have seen our fair share of “stranded- in-space” movies. With the recent releases of Gravity (2013) and Interstellar (2014) still fresh in our minds, the movie The Martian had a lot to live up to. The movie fol- lows the typical formula. A man gets stranded in space, […]

Editors caution against stereotypical Halloween costumes

Halloween is meant to be fun and spooky. It is a time for friends, trick-or-treating, candy, jack-o’-lanterns, haunted houses, and dressing up as something you’re not. Dressing up in costumes and spending time getting ready with friends is the best part about Halloween, but remember to be considerate of others when choosing a costume. Some […]

Meet Dr. Youmans – What an honor

Students may know Dr. Karen Youmans, honors program director, as the lady in glass office, but she does much more than stare through transparent walls. This week, Youmans revealed her passions regarding the honors program, family, music, and Star Wars. Q: Well, we might as well start off big. What’s are the three most defining […]

5 unique costumes that cannot possibly offend anyone 

With Halloween rapidly approaching, students franticly search for the perfect, creative yet cheap costume. No one wants to see another generic ghost, witch, or zombie, but when it comes to dressing as other humans, outfits can easily become offensive. Here are some costume options sure to make their makers stand out in the right way. […]

Great Scott! Tricia the photographer is one cool cat

Tricia Virtue, photography junior, discusses her plans to study abroad and transfer schools. After studying abroad next semester, Virtue will move to Georgia to pursue her photography dreams. Though she will miss OCU, she feels excited and hopeful for the future. Q: Is your name short for Patricia? A: No. Just Tricia. My grandmother’s name […]

Join in on the fun: Halloween activities

Sometimes, students cannot cram the desired amount of Halloween excitement and festivities into one day out of the year. Luckily, OCU and the surrounding community recognize this need and offer holiday celebrations throughout the week. USITT Pie-Your-Professor: The United States Institute for Theatre Technology plans to raise funds by asking students to throw pies in […]

Editor offers recommendations for Fall Break activities

Fall Break is right around the corner. A well deserved rest and a long weekend is a welcomed time to catch your breath and relax. But, if you don’t have anything to do, relaxing can turn to boredom in an instant. Here are some suggestions of things to do in and around Oklahoma City to […]

Columnist gives advice for midterm studying

October is the time for falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and midterms. If you are freaking out about all the exams you have, remember to keep calm and study on. I am a terrible test taker, but the following tips get me through many stress-induced freak-outs. Study early If you are a procrastinator like me, […]

Get a Whiff of Arrash

Arrash Allahyar, cell and molecular biology senior, recently underwent nasal surgery, allowing him to smell for the first time. Though he went most of his life without the sense of smell, his sense of humor and sense of self filled the void. Q: What is it like to finally be able to smell? A: From […]

Anthony the Library Man Books Flights, Not Gigs

This week, I interviewed Anthony Edwards, who works at night at the Dulaney-Browne Library as a circulation technician.  Anthony is a helpful and enthusiastic librarian that students adore, but his interests reach far beyond books. Outside of his job, Anthony especially enjoys hiking and playing his drums. Q: Hey, Anthony! Can I ask you some questions […]

Domestic Violence Makes Rhonda Homeless

Every time I bike over the May and I-44 intersection, a homeless woman sitting on the bridge presses the crosswalk button for me. I appreciated the gesture, so I started bringing granola bars to toss to her as I biked past. This routine went on for about a month, when I realized I did not […]

Sonja Rhodes – OCU’s Most Passionate Caf Employee

Q: Sonja, how did you come to OCU, where you are one of the most loved cafeteria employees? A: Well, honey, I was born and raised in California, but my parents were from OKC. My mom went to OCU, actually! When they got married, my dad was a bus driver in San Francisco. Eventually, he […]

Fostering Awareness with David Hall

Q: David, Mr. Rugby player, Ris4Thursday leader, and tuba extraordinaire, how do you describe yourself? A: I am very passionate, especially about teaching. I do tuba lessons at Guthrie public schools, volunteer assistant coach the youth homes rugby team, teach music at El Sistema, and serve as president of Ris4Thursday. I dedicate myself to promoting […]

Sorority lifestyle questioned by controversial recruitment video

A recruitment video released by the Alpha Phi chapter at the University of Alabama has raised several questions about the sorority lifestyle. The video portrays chapter members running around the campus of the University of Alabama, skipping and dancing on the football field and jumping into a lake. The members appear to have a good […]

IFC hosts rush week, 41 men receive bids

The Interfraternity Council hosted their rush week Aug. 26-29. The informal night was Aug. 26, where each house hosted an event on campus and any men interested were invited to attend. The two following nights, Aug. 28 and 29 were formal and only those registered to rush were able to attend. The formal nights consisted of formal […]

Phi Mu moves into new home, completes Panhellenic Quadrangle

The OCU chapter of Phi Mu moved into their new meeting house during the summer, right in time for recruitment. The house is located in the building previously occupied by the Student Health Center, completing the Panhellenic Quadrangle alongside the existing three sorority houses. The chapter previously used the Cokesbury Court Clubhouse as a meeting […]

Sorority fall recruitment ends, fraternity rush begins

More than 130 women participated in sorority rush during Formal Recruitment Aug. 19 through Aug. 22. Bid Day was Sunday on the campus quad. The new sorority members ran from Watson Lounge inside Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel to the quad, where their new sisters stood waiting. “We work hard during recruitment,” said Danielle Petersen, music […]

Greek organizations host informational meeting

Freshmen packed Petree Recital Hall in Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center to hear from all the Greek organizations on campus at the Greek Info Meeting. Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Council hosted the meeting to meet and hear from the presidents of each fraternity and sorority. During the meeting, the presidents introduced themselves and their organizations philanthropy and […]

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