Daily routines of geniuses…and how mine measures up


I realized that I have something in common with creative geniuses from around the world. No, it isn’t my unique talent for writing sonnets, painting portraits, or composing symphonies. It’s my inherent need to schedule out my day. So how does my schedule stack up?

‘Fat is not a feeling:’ Facebook changes controversial status option


In this tech-heavy area, many social media users post emoticons (those cute little smiley faces that can exhibit almost any expression on the spectrum) without a second thought.But some Facebook users insist that one particular emoticon, far from being harmless, poses an extreme risk to body image and confidence in users.

How to spring back after Spring Break


Knowing how difficult it can be to get back into the swing of things after Spring Break, it’s important to take steps on the first day back to encourage yourself for the last six weeks of hard work (yes, only six weeks left in this year!). Here are a few tips to make the transition a little easier.

Give me five: five ways to fill up short breaks in the day


So class is over, your next class hasn’t begun, and you’ve got twenty minutes to kill. What do you do first? Here are a few options for creating something productive out of a short break.

Weathering winter driving in OKC


Coming from the icy tundra of Wisconsin, I thought driving during the Oklahoma winter would be easy. But the recent stream of winter weather had me brushing up my skills. Here are some tips for driving in the ice and snow.

My budget changed my life: personal realization through organization


As a college student, saving money is often easier said than done. For the month of January, I tracked my spending. The results were more surprising than I could have imagined.

The Dress Debacle: how one photo caused the world to question their sanity


Is it blue? Is it black? Or are we all just going slowly mad? The Internet went crazy Thursday night with the instigation of what some are calling “Dressgate.” From inconspicuous beginnings, the drama surrounding a rather plain cocktail dress blew up into a world-wide debate about color and sanity.

Golf cart legend debunked


By Sage Tokach, Staff Writer An urban legend on campus suggests that getting hit by an OCU golf cart results in free tuition. This myth is false. OCU owns about 20 golf carts, which are used to expedite travel around campus. The primary users of golf carts are facilities, IT, risk management, and admissions employees. […]

Health officials ask students to take care of themselves

By Sage Tokach, Staff Writer The campus health clinic is busy due to the large number of sick students. In terms of numbers, the sicknesses have not been worse than previous years, said Laura Reinhardt, director of campus health clinic. But the campus health center has been able to see and treat more patients than […]

What’s in a name? How descriptive words can help or hurt


If you could determine how people saw you, what would you hope they saw? I investigated the power behind labels and descriptive terms on self-perception.

OKC Zoo to host “wild” career fair


Have you ever dreamed of working at a zoo? If so, the OKC Zoo has a career fair on the wild side just for you.

Oklahoma lawmakers consider texting and driving ban


Oklahoma lawmakers are seeking legislation to ban texting and driving. The case to ban the use of mobile phones while operating vehicles has been long debated, but came to a head last month after a phone-related incident cost two highway patrol officers their lives. On Jan. 1, 2015, Steven Clark was driving down I-40 and […]

Birth and death on Facebook: milestones in the Internet Age


A new generation of Facebook users will have a presence on the social media platform before they’re born, and after they die. Is this constant media coverage a sign of progress and self-expression, or just another way to compete online?

What to do in OKC this weekend–Valentine’s Special

Weekend Wrap Up

The most entertaining events off-campus to liven up your Valentine’s weekend.

Valentine’s Day: highs and lows of spreading the love


Few holidays are more contested than Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s an opportunity to remind their loved ones how deeply they care, and spoil them with special gifts and extra attention. For others, the day is no more than a ploy by candy and card companies to up their dwindling sales in the spring. Find out the history behind the holiday, the present celebrations, and how this columnist’s spending her weekend.

Spring sick days: what you need to know about staying healthy


Germs are hitting OCU hard, and students are feeling the pinch of sick days at the start of the semester.Currently, several strains of illness are criss-crossing the OCU campus, including influenza, strep, mono, the common cold, and stomach bugs. While the more mild forms of these diseases can be treated with rest, lots of fluids, and over-the-counter medicine to control symptoms, the other diseases are very serious and should be treated by a medical professional.

Try to remember: tips for avoiding brain blanks


Find your mind going blank? Here are a few tips to help improve your memory and avoid forgetfulness.

The editor’s top five ad picks of the Super Bowl 2015

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the first thing that comes to mind are the commercials. Some are sad, some are funny, and some probably shouldn’t have even been shown, but either way, they’re what most of America watches the Super Bowl for and what companies spend millions of dollars on. The editors of […]

Punxsutawney Phil: groundhog guru or false forecaster?


The most famous rodent in America has predicted six more weeks of frigid cold for the country. But what about the other rodent weather forecasters across the nation?

Random Acts of Kindness: volunteerism for students on the go


With schedules filling up in the first weeks of the new semester, thinking about volunteering can be stressful. But random acts of kindness provide a quick and easy way to give back to the community.

2015 Academy Awards nominations causes controversy


This year’s Academy Award nominations came with a few surprises – and, perhaps more importantly, a few notable snubs.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebrations in Oklahoma City

american flag 1

OCU will be closed Monday, Jan. 18 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day–but students can still participate in events around the city.

Reevaluating resolutions: how to create new goals


Lauren Matheny, web editor, gives tips and tricks for making new year goals that last.

Holiday decorations spread cheer across campus

A beautiful berry bush adds natural charm to the campus during the holiday season as the stately Administration Building stands in the background.

The OCU campus has turned festive with the advent of the holiday season. Buildings across campus have blossomed with holiday cheer. Take a virtual tour of the bedecked campus with Student Publications.

Stress relief week turned into weeks

Splitting stress relief week into two separate weeks gives students time to study for their finals, while still having the opportunity to participate in stress relieving activities. Stress Relief week includes Pizza Feast, the Food Truck Fair, snacks outside the caf, therapy dogs coming in and Alvin’s offering free coffee after close. Pizza Feast happened […]

Season’s givings: easy gifts for college students


The holidays are a time of joy, festivities, cheer, and presents. The first three don’t require much besides a cheerful disposition and a few Christmas carols, but the idea of gift giving can strike fear into the heart of broke college students everywhere.

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