Playwright connected to OCU to attend production premiere

Stage curtains

The final Stage II production of the season is also a first for the state of Oklahoma and the OCU community.

‘Passionate,’ ‘violent’ baroque opera takes the stage this weekend

sheet music

The Coronation of Poppea, a baroque opera, opens in the Burg Theater this weekend.

Why so serious? Investigating TheatreOCU’s sad plays


TheatreOCU is known for producing excellent theatre. But often times, the subject matter is deep, dark, and depressing. The 2014-2015 season has been especially dark. After seeing The Trojan Women, a tragic play about the battered women of Troy, and Night, Mother, a play about suicide, I wondered why we produced so many sad shows. So I asked.

Production focused on right to die laws to open in nursing school

A show taking place in the Kramer School of Nursing addresses right to die laws. Whose Life is it Anyway? is a play about a paraplegic man, Ken Harrison, who is being kept alive by his doctors and nurses. He faces the problem of having no control over his own life. “I think it’s a […]

Romantic, operatic pirate melodrama set to open

By Kayla McKenna, Staff Writer The first main stage opera, The Pirates of Penzance, is preparing to open and tell a story with romance, comedy and lots of music. The show follows “Frederic,” who has just turned 21 and is free from the pirates of Penzance, or so he thinks. He falls in love with […]

Music, theater celebrities to give master classes, concert


By Kyle Wallace, Staff Writer Music and theater students will have the opportunity to gain insight into the entertainment industry from two famous performers without leaving campus. Two-time Grammy and Tony award winner Patti LuPone will engage with students in a Q&A session at 3 p.m. March 6 in Petree Recital Hall in Kirkpatrick Fine […]

Valentine’s Day: highs and lows of spreading the love


Few holidays are more contested than Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s an opportunity to remind their loved ones how deeply they care, and spoil them with special gifts and extra attention. For others, the day is no more than a ploy by candy and card companies to up their dwindling sales in the spring. Find out the history behind the holiday, the present celebrations, and how this columnist’s spending her weekend.

Students perform in children’s theater show

By Amy Fuhrman, associate editor Theater students can be seen in the upcoming production for children. The Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, which is located on campus, is in rehearsal for The Cat in the Hat, based on the book by Dr. Seuss. The show will be almost identical to the famous children’s book. The adaptation by […]

Production features student skills, pool on stage

By Emily Wiley, Editor-in-Chief A new production on campus will feature an on-stage pool and student aerial silk artist. Metamorphoses is an adaptation from a poem written by the Roman poet, Ovid.  The play is about several different Greek myths and how they are connected by the theme of love. As the play continues, the […]

The editor’s top five ad picks of the Super Bowl 2015

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the first thing that comes to mind are the commercials. Some are sad, some are funny, and some probably shouldn’t have even been shown, but either way, they’re what most of America watches the Super Bowl for and what companies spend millions of dollars on. The editors of […]

Entertainment news round-up for Jan. 22


Western star Roy Rogers is headed to Broadway, and Alan Menken is coming along for the ride. Menken, of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid fame, will pen some new tunes for Happy Trails, a new biographical musical about the King of the Cowboys. The show is slated for a 2016 premiere. For more on the musical, click here. Robert Redford kicked […]

2015 Academy Awards nominations causes controversy


This year’s Academy Award nominations came with a few surprises – and, perhaps more importantly, a few notable snubs.

Short film round-up: The Current short films, part 2


Over the next two weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the new short film series from The Current.  According to their website, “The Current is 10 attempts at alternative journalistic modes of communication, and 10 never before seen explorations of the news media. A creative supplement in the media landscape. It is entirely free […]

Short film round-up: The Current films, part 1


Over the next two weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the new short film series from The Current.  According to their website, “The Current is 10 attempts at alternative journalistic modes of communication, and 10 never before seen explorations of the news media. A creative supplement in the media landscape. It is entirely free […]

Entertainment news round-up for Jan. 15: Oscar Nominations

This year’s Oscar nominations brought a few surprises. Notable snubs include Selma, which was nominated only in the Best Picture category, and A Most Violent Year, which was heavily lauded by the National Board of Review but got no love from the Academy. Similarly ignored was The Lego Movie. As for pleasant surprises, the inclusion of Marion Cotillard (Two Days, […]

Holiday decorations spread cheer across campus

A beautiful berry bush adds natural charm to the campus during the holiday season as the stately Administration Building stands in the background.

The OCU campus has turned festive with the advent of the holiday season. Buildings across campus have blossomed with holiday cheer. Take a virtual tour of the bedecked campus with Student Publications.

Entertainment news round-up for Dec. 12


Former Batman Michael Keaton isn’t feeling any jealousy about Ben Affleck’s upcoming turn as the Caped Crusader in Batman v. Superman. “No,” he said when asked if he felt envious. “Do you know why? Because I’m Batman. I’m very secure in that.” Keaton also had some kind words to say about Tim Burton, who directed 1989’s Batman, in which the […]

Short film round-up

BANGS’ five-minute music video for the Mutual Benefit song “Advanced Falconry” packs a whole lot of characterization into a wordless slow-motion sequence. Nothing much happens in the film – it’s merely the backstory to a family portrait – but seeing all the chaos behind one moment of joy makes the moment all the sweeter. You wouldn’t think […]

Entertainment news round-up for Dec. 14


The Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin has a few words for journalists publishing leaked Sony documents. “Wouldn’t it be a movie moment if the other studios invoked the NATO rule and denounced the attack on Sony as an attack on all of us, and our bedrock belief in free expression?” he said in an op-ed for the New York Times website. […]

Short film round-up


Seth Boyden’s one-minute B.O.T., created as part of CalArts’ 48 Hour Film Festival, has a cute gimmick but doesn’t quite hit its mark. The short follows the story of a robot and an astronaut looking for life on an unnamed planet. While the animation could have benefited from additional time, any roughness can be excused by the […]

Critic finds “Whiplash” underdeveloped


Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, Whiplash does a great job with its main storyline but fails to flesh its world out effectively. Though its two lead characters are full of life, the rest feel like afterthoughts.

Entertainment news round-up for Dec. 6


J.K. Rowling will release 12 Harry Potter stories coinciding with the 12 days of Christmas, according to an announcement made in a Pottermore newsletter. At least one of the stories will focus on Draco Malfoy. To read more on Rowling’s other Potter-related activity, click here. “Guardians of Peace,” the group responsible for the Nov. 24th […]

Students featured in seasonal dance show


The American Spirit Dance Company will kick off the Christmas season with the annual Home for the Holidays dance show, performed Dec. 11-14 in Kirkpatrick Auditorium.

Critic delights in modern classic “The Secret of Kells”


Despite its lack of a strong ending, The Secret of Kells is a charming story told beautifully – and bravely. Directed by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey, it may be aimed at a younger audience, but it pulls no punches in content or quality. The film follows “Brendan” (voiced by Evan McGuire), a young boy […]

Entertainment news round-up for Nov. 16


Daniel Bruhl will play the villain in Captain America: Civil War. Bruhl is known for his work in Rush and Inglourious Basterds, He joins Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chadwick Boseman in the cast. For more on the film, click here. SAG-AFTRA and the major TV networks have come to an agreement on a new Network Television Code regarding nonprimetime shows. […]

Two operas open this weekend, sharing the stage

The first production of the mainstage opera season will open Friday, Nov. 14.The production will differ from past shows, as two one-act operas will be performed on the same evening, instead of one.

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