Energy conservation contest hosted

Cokesbury Court Apartments officials are hosting an energy conservation competition between buildings until Dec. 17.

The Cokesbury office will track and post the energy savings of each building.

“We’re trying to make a change in helping our planet by saving energy,” said Isaiah Bailey, Cokesbury resident assistant.

The idea for the contest came from Liz Harney, assistant director of student life and Cokesbury head resident.

The contest began Oct. 28.

The winning building will receive a private Dippin’ Dots party on Jan. 14.

“We had a Dippin’ Dots party at the beginning of the year,” Bailey said. “We had so many people there that we ran out of Dippin’ Dots. We realized that everybody loves Dippin’ Dots.”

To conserve energy, Bailey advises turning off the lights and unplugging power strips and phone chargers when residents leave the apartment.

“Things like your TV and stuff like that, if you’re not using it,” Bailey said. “It’s not hard just to plug it back in when you’re ready to watch it again, even though it’s convenient to leave it plugged in.”

Students looking for more information can stop by the Cokesbury office and speak to an R.A. or pick up a flier.

“I really like the idea of wanting to be more green and encouraging people to do that, but most of the rooms that I’ve been in don’t really care,” said Danielle Peterson, music theater sophomore and Cokesbury resident.

“I just feel like it hasn’t really changed anything.”


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