Justin Bieber crowned Twitter King

Photo: Flickr/Stephen Eckert


By Nathan Hatcher, Layout Editor

Pop star Justin Bieber earned a new accolade Tuesday morning.

Bieber overthrew Lady Gaga’s reign for most followers on Twitter by surpassing her 33.3 million-follower count.

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I'm wondering what you think about this, Nathan. I thought his day was over. I guess I was wrong. Does this reflect a movement of younger people to Twitter? I know some 11- and 12-year-olds who now have accounts.

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 @profkrg Oh, his day is far from over. I'm not a huge Bieber fan, but he's only getting more popular. I think it definitely shows that younger people are using social media more and are following him as a result. That, and Gaga isn't really doing much YET worth people following her on Twitter. So, as she slowed down, he sped up.

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