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Former SGA president appeals impeachment process

The recently impeached Student Government Association president is appealing the trial process.

Critic discusses value of ‘delightfully creepy’ horror film

The Cabin in the Woods is awesome. There really is no better word to describe it.

New Student Government Association president assumes position

Robin Ladd, political science junior, assumed the role of Student Government Association president during an April 17 inauguration.

Writer evaluates Student Government Association’s affairs

By now, everyone is well aware that the Student Senate meeting last week was basically an episode of All My Children.

Letter to the editors from student senators

To the Editors of The Campus, We would like to thank you for your diligent coverage of Senate this year. However, we must express disagreement with the recent StuPub article, which accuses our body of violating the OCU-SGA By-Laws during Tuesday’s impeachment trial by closing chambers for the Vote of Impeachment. The procedure for an […]

Letter to the editors from an alumnus

Dear Editorial Board, I would like to praise your efforts in covering the Student Government Association impeachment story. As a former Student Publications editor-in -chief, I know how difficult it can be to cover these issues. I applaud your commitment to both the student body and journalism. For the rest of you reading the paper […]

Editors criticize student senators’ actions

Student Publications reviewed proper procedure last week to determine student senators violated their bylaws during an impeachment trial against Emma Velez, former Student Government Association president.

Senators violate bylaws in impeachment trial

Student senators violated their association’s bylaws in this week’s impeachment of the student body president.

Impeachment minutes, senator votes released

Minutes from the April 10 Student Senate meeting reveal each senators’ votes for the impeachment of Emma Velez, Student Government Association president.

Director promotes free tutoring services for final exam preparation

There are several weeks left in the semester, and one university service is offering students a way to finish strong.

Senators vote to impeach student body president

By a 14 to 6 vote, student senators approved an impeachment resolution April 10 against the Student Government Association president.

Student Publications wins awards at media conference

Student Publications received six awards, including first place in editorial writing and team investigative reporting, at the Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association (OCMA) conference last month.

Campus community prepares to relay for cancer victims

Students and organizations will unite again in an annual fundraiser to garner donations and spread awareness for people who battled or continue struggling with cancer.

Senators complete impeachment resolution, charge SGA president

Student senators finalized a resolution April 6 calling for the impeachment of the incumbent Student Government Association president.

SGA president to expect impeachment charges

The incumbent Student Government Association president faces charges from student senators that could lead to her removal from office.

Critic discusses lack of appeal in film

Mirror Mirror is a key example of what I like to call a kitchen sink movie: it’s got just about everything you could possibly imagine, and then some.

Sailing team to compete overseas

The sailing team will compete in an overseas competition.

Senators overturn president’s veto, begin ballot process

Student senators overturned a veto March 27 on a resolution that would call for student action in the creation of a new university eatery.

Writer conflicted about admiration for Hollywood starlet

Lindsay Lohan is by far one of my favorite disasters, and I hate myself for saying that.

Women’s basketball coach to assume coaching position in Missouri

The coach who led the women’s basketball team to the 2012 national championship last month has accepted a coaching job at another university.

Student produces film through community support

One student’s cinematic ambitions boosted his latest work to the professional level.

Students use teenager’s story to promote perspective on national issue

Campus minority student organizations are attempting to enlighten the campus community about racial profiling.

Writer critiques ‘pleasantness’ of film

Jason Segel is the most huggable man in the movies.

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