Community encouraged to learn emergency procedures

Campuswide emails and text messages from the campus police department prompted students, faculty and staff to take protection during a tornado drill Sept. 15.

An email to students contained the message, “THIS IS A DRILL – Tornado Warning. Seek Immediate Shelter Indoors NOW in the designated areas.  THIS IS A DRILL.”

Unless students are already aware of the designated areas, emails and text message notifications may be ineffective in a real emergency.

Students need to be made more aware of safety precautions to take when a real threat is present.

Students may not be fully aware of the necessary measures to take due to a limited number emergency drills throughout the academic year.

It is only required that OCUPD conduct two fire drills a year, according to the National Fire Protection Life Safety Code. Students should take it upon themselves to understand what to do in an emergency situation, whether it is a drill or an actual danger is presented.

The Stars Safety Annual Security and Fire Report does a good job of detailing information about procedures during campus emergencies.


The report lists the proper procedure for each drill, as follows:

-Evacuation: when conditions outside are safer than inside

-Reverse evacuation: when conditions inside are safer than outside

-Severe Weather Safe Area:  for use in severe weather emergencies

-Shelter in Place: for use in chemical spills or gas leaks

-Lockdown: for use to protect building occupants from potential dangers in the building

-Drop, Cover and Hold: for use in earthquake or other imminent danger to buildings or immediate surroundings


The report also includes a list of evacuation locations for each building on campus.

Click here to view the report.

Click here to sign up for email or text message Emergency Event Notifications.


We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures for the areas they frequent on campus.

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