Senate presents new senators, plans for semester

By Nathan Hatcher, Editor-in-Chief

Communication was a buzzword at the weekly Student Senate meeting as senators discussed ways to be proactive and improve relations with organizations.

Senate met at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 30 in the Great Hall in Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center to present topics discussed in individual committees and manage new business.

Sarah Cook, president of Student Senate, presented senators with information about Organization Connect, formerly Organizational Tours.

Organizational Tours was implemented to assign meetings to senators to increase communication between Student Government Association and organizations, according to Student Publications archives.

Senators were given a list of organizations with which they were assigned to communicate.

Organization Connect will allow Cook and senators to meet with organizations to discuss ways Senate can help them through funding.

Cook showed senators how to use Involved@OCU, a way to register organizations and to assign each a senator.

Organizations not on Involved will not receive funding, Cook said.

Sen. Nick Bonfiglio (junior-at-large), chairman of the Constituent Outreach Committee, spoke about OCU Speaks.

The committee plans to gather information from students through an online discussion query and have an OCU Speaks on a smaller-scale for senators, he said.

There also will be two Midnight Breakfast events this semester, in October and early December, he said.

Sen. Sadie Kaserman (business), chairwoman of the Student Services Committee, said her committee wants to implement an organizational outreach program, separate from the Constituent Outreach Committee and Prexie Club, to better communicate elections and transitions within organizations with Senate.

Emma Velez, SGA president, addressed Senate with her summer report.

There were 400 students at SGA’s Night on the Paseo event, she said.

Events like Night on the Paseo are good opportunities to better relations between OCU and local businesses, Velez said.

SGA officials worked on planning Homecoming at the retreat, she said.

Sens. Hau Can (graduate) and German Martinez (Greek) were sworn in at the meeting and assigned to the Constituent Outreach Committee.

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You're doing a great job of attending Senate meetings and following up quickly, Nathan. I wonder why they needed to change the name of the organization connection program. Do you know?

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