Student benefits from recommended internship

By Emily Duncan, Staff Writer

David Scott

David Scott, marketing senior, might have made a difference in the community to help prepare the future leaders of our state.

Scott interned with The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools, a local non-profit that gives resources to schools within the Oklahoma City Public school district, during the fall semester.

Scott was looking for a summer job on the Career Services website, when he stumbled across the opportunity.

“I thought the foundation was a really good place to start giving back to the community,” he said. “With our programs, we are able to affect the lives of about 43,000 children and 2,600 teachers each year.”

Scott had a direct hand in affecting the children’s lives. His responsibilities included communicating between the non-profit’s donors and volunteers.

“I got to work on the design of our website to make it more user-friendly,” he said. “This was important because it gives information to our publics about what the foundation does, the services it provides and directs them to links to find forms.”

Scott also learned hands-on tools that he hadn’t learned in the classroom.

“I have been able to benefit by learning concrete skills such as the Adode Creative Suite, In-Design and Photoshop,” he said. “I have also been introduced to Dreamweaver which allows me to code for websites.”

The new knowledge allowed Scott to design advertisements for outside companies and the school district.

“I designed eight media-marketing campaign postcards that will be sent out in the mail,” he said. “These are just a friendly reminder to everyone on our mailing to say, ‘hey don’t forget about us, we are continually working for the children.’ It’s an easy to revitalize these people to continue to donate and support us.”

Scott said he enjoyed his internship, and the benefits that arose because of it were an added bonus.

“My internship is unpaid, but the value I get from meeting the people and doing the work I do is greater than getting a paycheck essentially,” he said. “It’s allowed me to network and eventually have more opportunities in the future.”

To see video detailing Scott’s internship, click here.

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