Students file for SGA candidacy

By Amanda Alfanos, Web Editor

John Riesenberg, Student Government Association president; Justin Dametz, SGA vice president, and Leah Diaz, vice president for Student Activities Council, are inaugurated in Spring 2010 in Great Glass Atrium in the Wanda L. Bass Music Center.

March 7 was the deadline for students to apply for positions as official representative voices for the student body. Students had until 5 p.m. to file for candidacy in the Student Government Association Office in Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center. Filing began Feb. 24.

About 30 seats are up for election including the executive positions of SGA president, president of Student Senate and president of Student Activities Council. Elections will be March 29 and 30.

Two candidates filed for president. Emma Velez, political science/philosophy sophomore, and Jeff Poulin, entertainment business junior, are the candidates.

Arianna Harmon, religion/philosophy sophomore, removed herself from the race Tuesday, March 8. She said it was due in part that she is soon to be married to Justin DaMetz, current president of Senate. Read more here.

Sarah Cook, not-for-profit sophomore, and Justin Blumer, first-year law and business graduate, filed for the position of vice president of SGA/president of Student Senate. The seat only is open to those who have served at least one semester on Senate, according to the official candidate application. Cook currently serves as Greek senator and president pro-tempore for the body. Blumer is law senator.

Marcus Sams, mass communications junior, is the lone contender for the vice president for Student Activities/president of SAC position.

Only one legislative seat is contested. Three students are vying for the sophomore at-large seat: Clayton Puckett, university studies freshman; Nathan Dunn, youth ministry freshman, and Madi Alexander, political science freshman.

Executive branch members must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA as undergraduates. Candidates also are required to be full-time students, not be on university probation and be in good standing with OCU, according to the SGA constitution.

Requirements for those vying for legislative positions include having at least a cumulative 2.75 GPA as undergraduate students. Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and law students are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA to file for a Senate seat, the constitution states.

Judicial branch positions for Student Court include one chief justice and four associate justices. Students are required to maintain a cumulative 2.75 undergraduate GPA, a 3.0 graduate GPA or a 2.5 law GPA, according to the constitution.

To file for a position, visit the SGA office in Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center and fill out an application.


Presidential candidate:
Emma Velez

Presidential candidate:
Jeff Poulin

Vice president/president of Senate candidate:
Sarah Cook

Vice president/president of Senate candidate:
Justin Blumer

Vice president for Student Activities/president of SAC candidate:
Marcus Sams


Religion: Jonathan Clour, religion sophomore

Music: Preston Isham, music theater junior

Business: Sadie Kaserman, business junior

Science/mathematics: Phillip Nguyen, cell/molecular biology junior

Nursing: Amy Sheenstra, nursing sophomore

Dance/arts management: Jack Malone, entertainment business junior

Social Sciences: Robin Ladd, political science/philosophy sophomore

Humanities: Caleb Howard, mass communications freshman

Greek: Katie Alsup, history of political science/social science education sophomore

Theater: Ciera Terry, theater design/production junior

Grad/law at-large: Jake Luria, second-year law/graduate

International: Edwards Ayo-Odugbesan, biomedical science senior

Athletics: Patrick Hylton, university studies freshman

Sophomore at-large (two seats available):
– Clayton Puckett, university studies freshman
– Nathan Dunn, youth ministry freshman
– Madi Alexander, political science freshman

Junior at-large (two seats available):
– Nicholas Bonfiglio, economics sophomore
– Haliey Blanton, early childhood education sophomore

Senior at-large (two seats available):
– Anthony England, accounting junior
– Erica Olavarria, mathematics junior

Law (two seats available):
– Tyler Johnson, second-year law

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