Committee discusses general education revisions

By Susannah Waite, Editor-in-Chief

"The classes will involve close discussion, writing papers and emphasizing the liberal arts." - Andrew Spiropoulos

The OCU general education committee has been working on recommendations for changes to the undergraduate curriculum.

First, the committee reviews the program then makes recommendations. Then, they host open forums for students and faculty to attend.

Andrew Spiropolous, professor of law, works on the committee.

“We don’t have specific plans for the forum yet,” he said. “There will be at least one forum before Spring Break but hopefully more.”

There are several proposals the committee is considering, and these forums help them gauge what the campus community thinks.

“The most important addition we are considering is a new freshman seminar,” Spiropolous said.

There will be different seminars taught on topics selected by certain faculty.

“The classes will involve close discussion, writing papers and emphasizing the liberal arts,” he said.

Another recommendation the committee has brought up are new sets of courses in philosophy and ethics.

“We have narrowed the course list so that people have a more common shared experience in these courses,” Spiropolous said.

There also has been mention of restructuring the necessary science requirements, he said.

“We are proposing fewer credits in science,” Spiropolous said. “There may be three fewer credit hours than before.”

Most of the general education requirements will stay the same with this current proposal, he said.

“Hopefully, students are excited about new courses,” Spiropolous said. “Hopefully, these changes will make what we do offer better.”

The focus of the university and the committee ultimately are for students to get a liberal arts education, he said.

“Overall, I think it is important to have a broad liberal arts education,” Acting Provost Susan Barber said. “This will give students a better understanding of the global world.”

Megan Burns, elementary education sophomore, agrees that it is important to have a broad liberal arts education.

“I think they should make general education courses more tailored to your area,” she said.

The forums will be open for the entire campus to attend.

“When the forums are announced, it is encouraged that everyone come out,” Spiropolous said. “We want everyone’s input.”



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