Letter from Dr. Rick Hall regarding recent flooding

The freeze took place in the 4th floor attic over the “cut through” that creates a walk-way from one side of the building to the other. The failed pipe was a part of the fire suppression system, and current inspection suggests there is no failed system, poor construction, or bad insulation, but instead bitter cold temperatures aided by 50mph winds over a three-day period. The weather event we have experienced would not be so bad if it was one night. However, it is the prolonged bitter cold that is near impossible to guard against thus the pipe freezing.

The break was discovered quickly. From 4th to 1st floor, 18 rooms in the center section were impacted. All students were accounted for and reassigned to other rooms for the night. Thirteen of the 18 rooms were released today – the next day – so residents are now moving back. Three of the 5 remaining rooms require no construction, but because of the large fans used in the thorough drying process there is literally too much air movement to allow occupancy. Those rooms will be ready for occupancy in 3 to 5 days. The remaining two rooms required drying and some small sheet rock repair. They will be ready in one week.
All affected areas are treated with mold suppression agents where appropriate and air quality is monitored.

The building passed all building and trades inspections during its construction, including occupancy permits, and the building continues to undergo annual safety inspections.

We hope you are all staying safe and warm in these extreme weather conditions. Best Regards,

Rick Hall
Vice President Student Affairs



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